Entete municipalit de Grande-ValleEntete municipalit de Grande-ValleEntete municipalit de Grande-ValleEntete municipalit de Grande-Valle


Technical services

Fire Protection

Camion de pompier de Grande-Vallée

A team of 15 volunteer firemen, undergoing continued formation, ensure service.

A firehouse built in 1996 harbours an auto pump truck circa 2000, an inventory of regularly renewed accessories and equipment as well as a service truck.

Local Hygiene

Water Distribution Network : Drinking water is drawn from a well and necessitates no treatment before distribution.

Waste Water Treatment : The municipality restored its network in 1999 to conform to environmental requirements.

Waste Management : Domestic waste and large waste disposal are contracted to private enterprise. Recycling waste management will be in place by January 2006, at the latest.

Highway Network

Network upkeep, road construction and repairs, signalization and snow removal are accomplished by the municipal team.

Highway lighting upkeep and the tracing of roads is contracted to private firms.

Municipal Garage

garage built in 1996 serves for upkeep and repairs on machinery and vehicles.

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