Entete municipalit de Grande-ValleEntete municipalit de Grande-ValleEntete municipalit de Grande-ValleEntete municipalit de Grande-ValleEntete municipalit de Grande-Valle

Tourism and leisures


*French language site.

Tourisme Québec - Gaspésie
This government portal, dedicated to tourism, offers a wide variety of pertinent information about the Gaspésie.

Gaspésie Tourism Association
To learn more about some exceptional and scenic sites, the official website of the Gaspésie Tourism Association.

Gaspésie.net Portal*
This portal gives access to a multitude of Gaspesian websites.

Info-Gaspésie Portal
This portal gives access to a multitude of Gaspesian websites.

Gaspésie / Les Îles Portal*
This informative site describes the Gaspésie by MRC (Municipalité Régionale de Comté).

Portail Gaspésie.com*
This portal gives access to a multitude of Gaspesian websites.

Québec Maritime - BSL-Gaspésie
A panoply of information answering such questions as: What to do in Gaspésie? Where to eat? Where to sleep soundly?

Québecweb / Gaspésie
Historic and other pertinent information pertaining to the Gaspésie.

International Appalachian Trail (IAT) - Québec
Find all the information necessary for an unforgettable trek in the heart of the Appalachians.

Forillon National Park of Canada
This national park, located at the easternmost point of the Gaspésie and covering 244 km2, lifts the veil on grandiose oceanscapes, cliffs and mountains. Click on the link above and see for yourself.

Gaspésie National Park
Embark on the discovery of this true sea of mountains, counting more than 25 summits over 1000 metres in altitude. Visit this site and dream of excursions to come.

Village en Chanson de Petite-Vallée - Village in Song*
All information relative to the artistic activities of the Société de développement culturel de l'Estran (SOCLE) can be found here.

Gaspésie Cultural zone*
Regional cultural rallying point, the Zone culturelle de la Gaspésie defines itself as a development tool for both the cultural community and the region as a whole.

Artist's Wharf
Telling photos of the art works one can see on Grande-Vallée's commercial wharf.

Grande-Vallée in Winter Clothe
Magnificent scenes of Gaspesian winters. Photography by Pierre Giroux.


Radio-Canada - Regional information*
In order to stay up-to-date on news about our corner of paradise.

Journal Le Phare - Local information*
Stay up-to-date on the latest news for the Estran sector (from Manche-d'Épée to St-Yvon).

Road conditions - Grande-Vallée
To be sure to get to Grande-Vallée in all safety!

To help you locate the Grande-Vallée sector.

To help you locate the Grande-Vallée sector.

Distances between cities
To help you plan your road time while in Gaspésie.

Weather forecast - Grande-Vallée
Choose a sunny day if you want to profit from our beach, with its fine sand!

Snowmobiling trail conditions - Grande-Vallée
Snowmobilers, consult this site to discover if our snow cover is sufficient for your snowmobiling activities.

Orléans Express - Bus service
The most relaxing way to get to Grande-Vallée. Consult this site for schedules and destinations.

Québec Ferry Operators Society
The municipality of Grande-Vallée wishes full-heartedly to be mentioned on this site as soon as possible (realization of the intershore connection between Grande-Vallée, Port-Menier and Havre-Saint-Pierre).

Lodging and catering

Global Reservation - Gaspésie
Plan your trip to the Gaspésie and thus travel with peace of mind.

Hôtel-Motel Grande-Vallée des Monts
This site offers information about services offered by the Hôtel-Motel Grande-Vallée des Monts as well as various attractions in Grande-Vallée and the surrounding area.

La Marée Haute
To learn more about the Restaurant "La Marée Haute" as well as the services offered by the institution (Lodging, Biological Gardens).

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